Ana Maria Hernando

We are pleased to announce two new Ana Maria Hernando lithographs, “Flores para la Ñusta I” and “Flores para la Ñusta II”.

"Flores para la Ñusta I"

In the Andean cosmology, the Ñusta is the feminine spirit of the mountain. She is the most luminous and highest expression of Pachamama, the Mother Earth. Regal, abundant, she is unstoppable in her elegant power.

For years I have been painting flowers, attracted always to their graceful beauty, their reminder of how glorious a life can be, and death a dignified and certain affair. Immersing myself in their forms, to follow their lines, the little movements that make a pose, the color we can invent together, gives me pleasure.

And what better to give to the Ñusta than flowers?” Ana Maria Hernando.

“Flores para la Ñusta I” is a five color lithograph with cut outs, printed on white Rives BFK paper 40¾ x 27” in an edition of 30, plus proofs.

"Flores para la Ñusta II"

“Flores para la Ñusta II” is a six color lithograph with cut outs, printed on white Rives BFK paper 40¾ x 27” in an edition of 30, plus proofs.

“Ink is King” and “Man’s Ruin”

We are pleased to announce two new Don Ed Hardy lithographs, “Ink is King” and “Man’s Ruin”.

"Ink is King"
In “Ink is King”, an Oni (a Japanese folklore demon) is seen riding a koi fish on a wave. This demon brandishes his ink stone and brush, conjuring up a wacky mess above… two calligraphic Chinese ideograms (“ink” on the left and “king” on the right) floating in a purple cloud.

“Ink is King” is a five color lithograph printed on Magnani Pescia Crème paper 30 x 22” in an edition of 30, plus proofs.

Man's Ruin
In “Man’s Ruin”, a nurse is portrayed as a wolf, two iconic images often seen in tattoo flash. Below the wolf are two brightly colored birds blindfolded by love and hate.

“Man’s Ruin” is a four color lithograph printed on handmade Amate paper 18½ x 15” in an edition of 25, plus proofs.

“Dragonfly Pond”

In this new woodcut Hiroki Morinoue pairs images of fish, a butterfly and dragonflies, as seen through and reflected on water.

Dragonfly Pond is a fifteen color woodcut with pochoir, printed from four woodblocks and one stencil, on white Thai Mulberry paper 37 x 28¾” in an edition of 30, plus proofs.

“The White & Black Set”

The White & Black Set is a ten color woodcut/lithograph with chine collé and collage. It was printed from six woodblocks and two lithographic plates on white Thai Mulberry, white Rives BFK, grey An Jing Meteor Shower, bright yellow Korean Hanji and blue Yatsuo papers.It has been printed in an edition of 30, plus proofs and measures 29½ x 35 inches.


“geo-2-oon” is a forty-three color lithograph, with cut-outs, printed from twelve plates made from mylars hand drawn and painted by the artist.

“The Fountain”

John Buck’s newest woodcut “The Fountain” is all about water. It features a large central image of a flowing fountain surrounded by a tapestry of incised images in the background. The incised images start at the top with happy mermaids, mermen and fish frolicking in abundant water. Below Buck presents scenes of water polluted by factories, oil wells and fracking and the resulting damage to our essential water supply.