Jane Hammond

Born 1950, Bridgeport, CT
Lives in New York

Jane Hammond is an alchemist. Since 1988 she has worked with a collection of 276 images. She transforms the images of this lexicon to create magical new ones in the form of paintings, drawings and prints. Hammond compiled her collection of images from a wide variety of sources, including manuals, children’s books, books on magic and puppetry, medical journals, technical illustrations, matchbook covers, labels, charts and maps.

Hammond’s first print at Shark’s Ink., was a lithograph with collage, titled “My Heavens!”. In 2005 Hammond made “Love Laughs”, collaged color lithographs with hand-coloring. The print is about language, culture and signs. In 2007 she created a three-dimensional lithograph titled “Spells and Incantations”.

Hammond’s newest print, Snapshot Odyssey combines her long-standing interest in games with her passion for collecting vernacular photography. Hammond invented Snapshot Odyssey which describes a journey played as a game that is part luck-driven race and part strategy. Players “move” over the inter-weaving paths and encounter ten photo opportunities, scenic overlooks of a kind, as luck would have it: a bride wading with calla lilies, a ballerina in black slippers in the snow or a robot in the desert. A rule book accompanies the print.

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More information can be found at Jane Hammond’s website, www.janehammondartist.com.