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“Ultimate Metallic Suit”

We are pleased to announce the new publication Ultimate Metallic Suit by Teresa Booth Brown.
The artist describes this project:
In painting, collage, and printmaking, I provoke moments when representation and abstraction become unstable or collapse altogether, when two dimensionality becomes three, when solid becomes fluid, when the familiar becomes strange.
I set myself the challenge of structuring a tension between the conceptual and the concrete into each piece. Fragments of photographic imagery pull the viewer into moments of recognition while flat, geometrical fields of color insist on the materiality of the ink, paper and its composition.

Ultimate Metallic Suit is a four color lithograph with digital collage and chine collé printed from four aluminum plates made from the artist’s drawing/painting on mylars. The edition of 20, plus proofs, has been hand printed on white Rives BFK paper 30 x 22″. Archival pigment prints on white IJ Niyodo paper were printed by Infinity Editions, Arvada, CO, and hand-cut and collaged.

“Vital Signs”
Rodney Carswell

We are very pleased to announce the publication of two new Rodney Carswell lithographs, “Root” and “Orbelus”

“Aliens Sans Frontières”


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