Thomas Woodruff

Born in 1957, New Rochelle, New York
Lives in New York

“Thomas Woodruff creates cheerfully perverse painting, indulging a taste for beauty and ornamentation, quirks and oddities…Woodruff has developed a rich pictorial iconography full of satirical excess. He specializes in overused images of a sentimental nature and highly detailed remnants of popular culture; a chorus of colorful birds, cherubic baby faces and luscious flowers appear throughout his body of work alongside a carnival sideshow of mutated cartoon figures, crying clowns and tattoo imagery in bizarre juxtaposition.” (Scoates and Wilbur)

Woodruff made his first print, a lithograph, “The Robin’s Leap”, at Shark’s in June 2000. With his incredible graphic skill and a personal, metaphoric subject, Woodruff charms the viewer with the sweet, sad image of a robin father and his children.

Thomas Woodruff has exhibited his work throughout the United States and Australia. He is included in the collections of the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, and the Contemporary Museum, Honolulu.

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