Teresa Booth Brown

1963, Portland, OR
Lives in Colorado

Teresa creates paintings and drawings that manipulate appropriated print material from a variety of sources. Her abstract paintings start with a simple collage composition and then are developed by the addition and subtraction of multiple layers of paint. In working she meditates on the arrangements and carefully reworks elements by adding and removing until form, color, and line come together. What emerges and what stays hidden are both important in creating relationships of color, shape, and texture. She wants to surprise the viewer and to give a new and unexpected experience.

In her first print: Jacket, Bag, Dress, Watch, Ring Teresa used fragments of images taken from the pages of fashion magazines. Chosen for their abstract qualities, the images were digitally reproduced on mulberry paper and then layered with sections of ink. The title of the piece refers to the credits used in fashion photographs to name designer sources for clothing and accessories.

For her newest print Ultimate Metallic Suit Booth Brown set herself the challenge of structuring a tension between the conceptual and the concrete. Fragments of photographic images were selected to draw the viewer into moments of recognition while flat, geometrical fields printed under and over the digital collage insist on the materiality of the ink, collage, chine collé and paper.

Teresa Booth Brown lives and works in her home studio on a farm in Colorado. In addition to showing, teaching, and working as an arts advocate she has been a fellow at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, a resident artist at The Anderson Ranch Arts Center, and a twice a resident at the Ucross Foundation in Wyoming. In 2012 she was a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome. She is currently part of the faculty at Anderson Ranch. More of her work can be seen at teresaboothbrown.com.