Donna Dennis

Lives in New York City

Donna Dennis makes sculpture that depicts “real” places in 3/4 scale. Her “Deep Station”, made of materials like balsa wood and mat board, conveys the experience of a city subway station, with all its mysterious, scary nuances. “Tourist Cabin”, complete with cricket sounds, evokes childhood memories of vacations by a lake. In her prints and drawings, Dennis achieves a sense of mystery and magic with her dramatic, fluid drawing. In monotypes, huge, masted vessels pass by high-strung bridges in the night–perched on the span is a small yellow hut. In the three-dimensional lithograph “Night Roof”, the artist shows us the view of a city rooftop, empty, yet full of the promise of things about to happen.

Donna Dennis has exhibited her work widely. She has permanent sculptures in New York City at P.S.234 and at JFK Airport; in Boston at the Wonderland MBTA Station and at Queens College, CUNY. Dennis has received four NEA Fellowships, a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship and a “Bessie” Award for set design.

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