Evan Colbert

Born in 1970, Seattle, WA
Lives in Longmont, CO

Evan Colbert is an artist of the information age and an accomplished printmaker who has printed and self-published many of his own prints. He has an inventive and unorthodox approach to materials and techniques for executing his paintings and prints.

Colbert talks about his recent work:
In late 2017 I began a series of paintings based on the concept of Imaginary Maps. Using found stencils, spray paint, and other materials, I began to build compositions out of layers of dots, shapes, lines, and grids in a process much like sketching. This work was inspired by the puzzle-like arrays that occur at the intersections of town and country where the imperfect grids and structures of civilization give way to the abstract geometric patterns as viewed from above.

The paintings led to a series of monoprints where I transferred the shapes and grids of the stencils to lithographic plates. Using the plates, I built up layers of graphic imagery which I then overprinted with textures, color fields and actual physical objects such as bubble pack or wire mesh. I printed multiple layers of various colors on dozens of pieces of paper, eventually grouping them into pairs or triptychs.

The Obscured by Clouds and Astronomy Dominé prints are a distillation of some of the earlier paintings and prints, cropped, enlarged in scale, and assembled from the same collection of stencils, objects, and patterns. The interplay of shapes, textures and colors lead the eye around the prints providing abundant opportunity for visual discovery.

Evan Colbert received a BFA degree from Metropolitan State College of Denver in 2003. He has exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, CO; the Arvada Center for Visual Arts, CO; the Detroit Museum of New Art, MI and others.

His work is in the collections of the Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock; Ericksson Radiotelecommunications, Stockholm, Sweden; the Auraria Center for Photography, Denver, CO and others.

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