“Eye Candy”

Evan Colbert is an artist of the information age. He appropriates visual images from the relentless onslaught that bombards us. In his work he incorporates logos, trademarks, icons, symbols, pictograms, signage and other ubiquitous images in befuddling and often humorous juxtapositions.

Colbert has an inventive and unorthodox approach to materials and techniques for executing his paintings and prints. He often works on found or recycled materials and makes use of industrial products to make stencils, templates and textures.

Colbert is an accomplished printmaker and has printed and self-published many of his own prints. Eye Candy is his first collaborative print made at Shark’s.

Eye Candy is an eighteen color lithograph printed from nine aluminum plates. It has been printed in an edition of 20, plus proofs, on white Rives BFK paper, 15 x 22 inches