Rex Ray

Born 1956, in Germany. Died 2/9/2015 in San Francisco.

We are deeply saddened by the death of Rex Ray on February 9th, 2015 in San Francisco, California after a prolonged struggle with cancer.

A major cultural force in the art, literary, and activist communities in the Bay Area, he was recognized for his collage pop aesthetic.

Ray was a painter and graphic designer. He used the decorative forms and colors of mid 20th century design as inspiration for complicated collaged and painted surfaces. In 2010, Ray made his first lithographs at Shark’s Ink., Pyzinerol and Pyzinerol II. Ambitious prints with 18 colors from 15 plates, these lithographs are an exuberant expression of Ray’s keen design sense combined with a playful, yet soulful composition. Hand painted patterns were cut into shapes and collaged to make the printing elements. The prints are masterful.

As an accomplished and award-winning graphic artist, Ray produced distinctive and striking designs for books, magazines, posters, and compact disc covers, including recent projects for Steven Spielberg and David Bowie.

In 2009, Ray’s work was exhibited in a solo show at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver and was the subject of a full length PBS Documentary “How to Make a Rex Ray”. Ray’s rock poster work was featured in the exhibition of The Art of Design at SFMOMA.

More information, including a biography, can be found on the artist’s website