“Spells and Incantations”

Hammond describes her inspiration for “Spells and Incantations”:

“This past summer I was dreaming a lot about my grandmother. I spent much of my childhood with her and she spent much of her childhood in Egypt. I grew up around stories, photographs and objects from this faraway place.

I have a strong interest in the relationship between pictures and writing. I have wanted to make an Egyptian-based piece for sometime using my lexicon of found images in a hieroglyphic context.

I think of this piece as an amulet for propitious things in the journey of this life and beyond.”

“Spells and Incantations” is a seven-color lithograph and silkscreen with 18 and 24 karat gold leaf, composition leaf and chine collé on three sheets of paper, which have been hand-cut and assembled. It is printed in an edition of 45, plus proofs.