“Ruckus Tugboat”

Grooms, who has devoted much of his distinguished career to portraying his New York City home, turns his eye to New York’s harbor and its hardworking tugboats in this three-dimensional lithograph. This tug, the ”Lysiane”, steams through rolling waves…with smoke billowing from the smokestack. Sailing past a buoy with a seagull perched on top….the deck hand prepares to throw a lifesaver to a man overboard. Hidden in the waters are a green suited man with concrete boots and a shark, its fin visible in the wave. Grooms’ eye for detail captures the fittings on the boat and the captain and crew in the cabin.

“Ruckus Tugboat” has been printed in an edition of 45, plus proofs. It is hand-cut and assembled into a plexiglas case, 21 x 24 1/8 x 16 7/8”.