“Road Map”

Enrique Chagoya’s lithograph, “Road Map”, presents a deliberately distorted map of the world. With a satirical reference to George Bush’s “road map for peace”, Chagoya shows us a world with an egocentric American point of reference. A large U.S. is shown amidst miniscule neighbors Mexico and Canada and the rest of the world. The map is populated with images of cultural and ethnic stereotypes as well as many tankers, whales, fighter planes, submarines and oil wells. Two larger figures in the lower corners represent “Hope” and “Hopelessness”. Chagoya accomplished the antique appearance of the print by using drawing techniques that refer to reproductions of historic maps, creating faux stains and printing on Amate paper.

“Road Map” has been printed in thirteen colors from ten aluminum plates in an edition of 30 impressions, plus proofs, on Amate paper 22 x 30″. Each print has been folded after printing.