“Polka Dot Skirt”

Woodman’s work in prints was an extension of her great interest in materials, processes and mark making. She combined various printmaking techniques and used collage, pochoir, metal leaf and chine collé. Woodman’s prints echoed, informed and stimulated her work in clay. In her prints Woodman typically posed images of her ceramic pieces in distinctive spaces.

In Polka Dot Skirt, she placed a figure-like vessel in a colorful interior. It is decorated with stripes and polka dots like Woodman herself who dressed in colorful stripes and patterns.

Polka Dot Skirt is a woodcut with lithography, chine collé and collage. It has been printed in fourteen colors from nine woodblocks and one aluminum plate on Yugen and Okawara paper with Yellow Japanese Shadow Stripe and Yatsuo Deep Red, Orange and Aquamarine chine collé. It measures 38½ x 25 inches and is printed in an edition of 30, plus proofs.