“On the Modification of Clouds (After L.H.) #III”

“L.H. refers to Luke Howard who was the scientist who first classified the clouds in 1802. The Latin names in his nomenclature (Cirrus, Cumulus, Nimbus, etc.) are still the names we use today. His research was published in a report titled “On the Modification of Clouds,” and I appreciatively borrowed it for the titling of these lithographs. Atmospheric conditions and elevation set the conditions for one type of cloud to potentially morph into another type. The attitude of shifts and modifications—as indicated by the title of the suite—was one of the operating principles in making the lithographs at Shark’s Ink.

I arrived with a bag full of fabric that I was hoping to scan and a few photographs of some of my sculptures and of a beautiful, circular skylight from the Museum of Applied Arts inCologne. These elements became structural variations from one print to another as they function as the recurrent motifs of the suite.

I understood very little about how a lithograph was made when we started, and I saw that Bud did not perceive this to be a hindrance but its’ opposite. This opened up the work to several focused days of experimentation, developments and modifications. The resulting works are truthfully a collaborative project with Bud Shark.”

Dianna Frid