“Abenteurer der Kannibalen Bioethicists”

Enrique Chagoya’s codex “Abenteuer der Kannibalen Bioethicists” continues the series he began at Shark’s in 1998. Basing his codices on surviving pre-Columbian and other examples, Chagoya pays homage to his predecessors while at the same time cannibalizing and modifying the format. He uses the terms “reverse anthropology” and “cannibalism” as metaphors to describe how dominant cultures write history and cannibalize ideas, traditions, images and objects. Chagoya appropriates or cannibalizes images from various cultures and juxtaposes them in absurd and humorous ways. Images, texts and phrases are placed in new contexts that draw attention to and question their meanings. “Abenteuer der Kannibalen Bioethicists” is printed in nine colors from seven lithographic plates and one woodblock on Amate paper with chine collé and collage.

Although shown in three speararte views above, the codex is one long accordion folded piece.