“I’ve been a Witness to this Game X”

I’ve Been a Witness to This Game since long before Beyoncé performed at Super Bowl 50, but the unbelievable reaction to her performance reminded me that ‘the game’ is still very much afoot – a game in which women and in particular women of color are expected to serve as pawns without agency or strength. ‘The game’ is a myth – an artificial construct, as anachronistic as a 19th-century engraving or a Southern belle’s debutante gown.

The women who surround me today are living proof of the emptiness of ‘the game’. This group of prints pays tribute to their swagger and nerve. They are artists, relatives, and contemporaries, each of whom I have watched slip past the boundaries of the system. We are all diminished by this game – but even as it constricts our right to be ourselves these women bravely continue to sing out.”

-Mildred Howard